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The Nutcracker Ballet: After the Party

After the Party: Choreography. 1-Clara is holding the Nutcracker and admiring it. 2-3 steps forward to downstage right. 3- glisse right foot to arabesque at terre. 4- Hold the Nutcracker up. 5- Repeat the left. 6- Clara’s sister marches in a circle followed by her mother. Brandying her doll. 7- Clara turns around. 8- Clara’s … Continue reading

The Nutcracker Ballet: Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy Solo: Choreography: 1- Walk on stake on demi-pointe. Stop center. Point right foot in the back. 2- Port de bras right hand. 3-Port de bras left hand. 4- Port de bras both hands to fifth position. Mime dance with hands. then bring the arms down. 5-  Balance right, balance left, balance right and … Continue reading